Agency Creative Partners With Atrantil

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Agency Creative Partners with Atrantil

Agency Creative has another win to add to its client roster: Atrantil, a supplement manufactured by KBS Research in Dallas, Texas.

Atrantil is a gastroenterologist developed, over-the-counter product that treats bloating, abdominal discomfort and a change in bowel habits (constipation, diarrhea or both). With a unique patented molecular combination, Atrantil targets the problem bacteria at its source in the small bowel. Atrantil does not require a prescription and can be purchased online and at retail locations nationwide.

KBS Research has engaged with Agency Creative to grow their brand awareness and to attract both retailers and consumers. Agency Creative completed an in-depth competitive analysis and a brand immersion session with the KBS Research team to gain further insight into the company’s marketing goals and primary business challenges.

Agency Creative subsequently developed a positioning strategy and a strategic website plan that has laid the foundation for building Atrantil’s new e-commerce website. Agency Creative developed a retail sales kit that will be used to expand Atrantil’s retail footprint. In addition, Agency Creative has launched two lead generation landing pages that communicate the advantages and services of Atrantil to potential prospects. Atrantil’s new campaign and website are anticipated to launch in June 2016.

We are confident that our partnership with KBS Research will increase their market awareness and ultimately generate more sales.

About Atrantíl
In 2012, Kenneth Brown, M.D., and Brandi Scott-Hoy, M.A., formed the parent company of Atrantíl, KBS Research, after being inspired to develop a new method of treating digestive woes in the small bowel and promote overall digestive health. Following eight years of formulation, scien- tific testing and development, the pair launched Atrantíl in 2015, offering a new, unparalleled way to achieve digestive health relief. Atrantíl is clinically proven to address bloating, abdominal dis- comfort and changes in bowel habits such as diarrhea and/or constipation at their source and is a nutraceutical unlike antibiotics and probiotics. It is scientifically crafted using a patented formula comprised of botanical extracts, gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients in a capsule format and available without a prescription. To learn more, please visit, or follow Atrantíl on Facebook and Twitter