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Does Generational Marketing Work?

First, there were the “Baby Boomers”– a generation that marketers have dissected, scrutinized and analyzed with an almost scientific precision. Then, there was the “Baby Bust.” These were those children born from 1964 to1980, what we eventually called “Generation X.” Next came “Gen Y,” those who were born between 1981 and 1994. These, we redubbed […]
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3 Why Dynamic Call Tracking is Paramount in the Mobile Age blog

Why Dynamic Call Tracking Is Paramount in the Mobile Age

Even in the age of ever-increasing digital marketing, consumers are still talking the talk. The number of people calling businesses after seeing a mobile ad or listing has increased. How do you capture this traffic and, more importantly, track it? Companies, regardless of industry, are investing in marketing themselves—this comes as no surprise. In fact, […]
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