Jim Knutt Tropic Survival
Like the “F’ing Catalina Wine Mixer,”* the CES Vegas event is kind of a big deal. What happened in Vegas last week was basically like a giant incubator for brands, major marketers and international creative executives.

The world’s weirdest, wackiest and most wonderful new gadgets were all on display. And you never even knew you needed them! Their next stop? Your local retailer. As ad agency creatives, we are already armed to sell.

So, what you’ll be able to buy this year? Well, we now actually have wall art that happen to double as TVs. There are robots that act as nannies for your children. Virtual Reality-enabled laptops. And the world’s first smart hair brush. Finally, something to help save us from bad hair days!

And speaking of disasters, or unintended results…not everyone is on board with the advance of tech in the home. Maybe it’s because devices listen to your conversations and respond in kind? What could possibly go wrong? While it apparently has conquered all at CES, “Alexa” has already started to show some design and function flaws. It recently ordered hundreds of dollars in toys after hearing a toddler request them, for example. But, by all accounts, it is winning against Siri and Google Assistant. Do you want this listening technology in your house? It’s probably already there covertly, via enabled TVs, computers, and security-related devices. Sorry.

CES is where brands like Apple, Amazon, and Google shine brightest. And they’re doing it among 4,000 exhibitors and in front of an estimated 170,000 attendees. CES is big. Really big. Newsworthy. Happening. And today, at 50 years and counting, more relevant than ever before.

See you there next year.

*”Stepbrothers” film reference