NAMA’s Annual Meeting of the Minds

Co-Founder and fellow NAMA affiliate, Agency Creative of Dallas, hosted our Annual NAMA Showdown last week. Every October, the leadership from eight independent agencies across the U.S. and Canada get together in a meeting of the minds to discuss and collaborate on industry changes, challenges, and solutions.

This year the conference was held in Dallas, Texas, where we had the opportunity to visit the Agency Creative offices and meet with the awesome individuals that make up the AC team. Our intent goes beyond just a forum of relevant and like-minded agency owners; we get down to brass tacks.

The purpose of our summit is to build on the issues we’ve set forth throughout the year and take from what we each experience as an agency specializing in different verticals and different markets to better navigate shifts in the industry.”

Also, we’re writing a book together, you should check it out.

Over the course of two days, our agenda consisted of best and worst practices for operations, new business tactics, and anything strategic. We dove into innovative topics and discussed emerging trends that include mixed reality and other fresh mediums. But it’s not all meetings and homework. Our summits include a bit of agency therapy, where we share stories and libations, and truly learn from one another.

“We share everything, we share the good, the bad, the painful, the joys and what it takes to be successful,” says Ken Greenberg of Austin & Williams Advertising in Long Island, NY.

NAMA members have a standing video conference call where one hour out of every month is dedicated to touching base with one another and continuing a deeper conversation about real issues affecting the life of agencies today.

“It’s [NAMA] the group I look forward to most every month. It’s only an hour, but it’s one of the most impactful and useful hours I get,” says Dan Nguyen, President and Creative Director of Stoner Bunting Advertising in PA.

We have really evolved to become a sounding board for our members. The collaboration between top agencies, their teams, and the thought leadership that transpires at our annual summits is the best way to produce innovative solutions.

Master of Ceremonies and CEO of Agency Creative, Mark Wyatt on the impact of NAMA, “There’s immeasurable value and benefit to be a part of a group of seven other top agencies and the larger effect that comes from the thought leadership involved. Since we joined we’ve become larger, more dynamic, and more profitable.”

Next year NAMA will be in Atlanta, until then we look forward to our monthly chats, and forge ahead to find the most relevant and innovative marketing strategies around.

Special thanks to Mark Wyatt and Agency Creative for hosting a great summit. And Joel Cohen, our champion and organizer, for making sure we get what we truly need out of these dialogues. Your direction and investment year in and year out is what makes this organization work. Thanks for keeping us honest.