Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) called on Acart to help reach renters and first-time homebuyers, improve their financial literacy and differentiate CMHC from its competitors.


We planned two campaign flights for Financial Literacy in English and French in the fall of 2011. The fall campaign targeted Canadians 18–34. Younger Canadians who rent are more likely to reside in larger urban centers. The business goal of the campaign was to differentiate CMHC from its competitors as Canada’s national housing authority by increasing awareness of the tools and information available on CMHC’s website. One campaign challenge to overcome was the high visibility in the home buying space for commercial banking businesses who offer services that are in direct competition to CMHC.

Media tactics featured a combination of targeted and cost-efficient tactics that included search advertising, pay-per-click banners, age, behavior and contextual targeting as well as cost-per-engagement ads on sites that included Google AdWords and display network, Facebook PPC,, Micasa, Yahoo PPC; mobile advertising on Canoe, Kijiji, Yahoo. The goal was to drive visitors to a mobile landing page with an SMS short code or to the CMHC website.


The literacy campaigns generated 33,118 clicks in search volume, 65,367 clicks in online display, creating some 164,000,000 in online and mobile impressions. There were 30,060 mobile clicks, 63,337 video views at a cost of $1.98 per click––$1.27 per thousand. The fall campaign exceeded estimated clicks by 40% and CMHC’s cost-per-click rate decreased by 38% compared to the previous year. This past spring’s campaign over-delivered on clicks by 30% and impressions by 40%. The spring cost-per-click was down an additional 15% compared to the fall of 2011.