Kevin Janosz RITTA
You’re positive your product is the most innovative, the best and the easiest to use. You truly believe it has the power to change lives. You’re convinced the clouds will part and everyone will marvel at the angelic halo that surrounds it.

I’m with you so far.

But then reality hits. This product is not going to sell itself, is it? So, before you ramp up the marketing machine, you need to take a deep breath and a big step back.

Done? Good!

Now, here’s the really important part. Before you try to convince potential customers that your product is the be-all and end-all, you first need to be very specific and detailed about the product messaging you want to express.

I know what you’re thinking. But this will take time! Well, yes. It will. However, this initial investment in time is critical because it will make it much simpler to market your product. In the end, not taking the time will result in inconsistent messaging, which will ultimately confuse your customers. Something you’d rather avoid. Right?

Here are some guiding principals to product messaging:

Be Precise

I’d bet you know all of your product’s features, but will your customer know the benefit of each feature? Crafting up to ten messages describing key benefits will go a long way to help customers understand (and buy) your product. Along with its benefits, you should also distinguish what’s unique and special about your product – what makes it stand out in a crowded marketplace.

In addition to great copy describing your features and benefits, your overarching messaging will need key visuals. Once you’ve got this down, it will all become your go-to source for attention-grabbing – and consistent – product messaging.

Be Captivating

Captivating your customers is easier said than done. With so much noise competing for their attention, you know they’re constantly overwhelmed with tons of enticing pitches.

Try us. We’re better. Save time. Save money.

The list goes on. This is when market research comes into play. It can produce valuable insights that get you inside the head of your customers. Always keep in mind that you sell to your customer, not to yourself or the C-levels at the corporate office.

So, try to find out what will truly make a difference in their lives. Discover what problem you can solve – or what joy you can bring to them.

Be Agile

With your newly-created arsenal you’re now ready to amplify.

And because you’ve put so much careful thought into messaging and visuals, you’ll be able to tailor your marketing communications to specific media channels more easily – even if all the different choices seem overwhelming. These may include all or some of the following:

• Advertising

• Email

• POP Displays

• Packaging

• Web Design

• Public Relations

• Events

• Promotion

Be Successful

At RITTA, we know what gets products into customers’ hands. In fact, we’re experts in crafting messaging strategies that resonate loudly through all of the important marketing channels.

If you’re looking to launch a product, RITTA has the knowledge and the experience to make it happen – creatively and effectively.

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