After two years at the helm, the MetroHealth CEO determined that a major transformation was necessary to revive the older hospital facility. He enlisted Frederick Swanston to create a campaign to highlight this transformation hoping to enlist the backing of the community and politicians to support a bond issue and fund-raising effort.


We developed a TV, radio, print and digital campaign that showcased what MetroHealth is about “HERE”—HERE where you live: a true commitment to the health of the local Cleveland community. The commitment has resulted in placing doctors in schools, providing medical care to Foster kids and recruiting unsurpassed expertise in medical care; facts about which the community knew little.


The effort was an unqualified success! The internal audience (clinical staff and employees) had an overwhelming positive reaction to the campaign – with comments like “makes me proud”, “so glad I work at a place like this” and others. Since the campaign launched in September 2014, traffic to the website and comments have risen, especially during the weeks in which the TV ads are running.