Natuzzi, a leading full-line furniture manufacturer, partnered with Tropic Survival and sister agency CometAds to launch a digital campaign focused on the Natuzzi Re-Vive line. Across the board, the results and the ROAS were simply outstanding.


Tropic Survival sought to drive consumer awareness of the Re-Vive product line in a manner that would create excitement and get people talking about the brand. Natuzzi and Tropic Survival joined forces to capitalize on momentum created by Memorial Day and Father’s Day sales. The CometAds team created a dedicated landing page where visitors could register to win a Natuzzi Re-Vive chair. Accompanying digital ads were distributed across various digital ad networks, including the Google Display Network and Facebook. After entering, each participant received via email a voucher for $400 off a Re-Vive chair. This promotion ran for one month, encompassing both the Memorial Day and Father’s Day sale events.



The Natuzzi Re-Vive branded creative received more than 2.9 million impressions, resulting in more than 58,000 visits to the landing page and 10,877 vouchers distributed. In-store transactions associated with voucher redemptions generated 300% more Re-Vive sales in the promotion month, amounting to a 461% ROAS. More than 1,400 people used the Natuzzi Re-Vive dealer locator after entering the sweepstakes.

This one-month CometAds IGNITE campaign was followed by a two-month evergreen campaign, then a second one-month CometAds IGNITE campaign and two more months of evergreen digital ads. At the end of these campaigns, monthly sales for the Re-Vive product line were up 760% compared to the monthly average of the three months prior to the six-month run.