CertainTeed Gypsum was gearing up to launch Habito in North America. Already available in Europe, Habito was a revolutionary new drywall product and offered unmatched performance, including fastening capability, builder and developer upgrades, acoustics, repairs and solution specific design. While Habito was an attractive upgrade for builders and homeowners, trade media often overlook these types of products. To make matters worse, Habito was launching at IBS 2016, a sprawling trade show where CertainTeed faced stiff competition from thousands of other brands and products. Without the right strategy, it is hard to make builders, contractors, designers and even homeowners take notice in a setting like this.


Stoner Bunting crafted a communications plan that centered around one overarching goal – to get the audience to say, “I didn’t know drywall could do that!” Through research and strategy, we found it beneficial to reposition the entire drywall and wallboard product category. This wasn’t easy, especially when it was decided that:

  • Audiences must see Habito in action: it must DO something
  • Couldn’t rely on flat communications with photos to communicate benefit
  • Need to drive experience with the product
  • Couldn’t talk about the product prior to IBS 2016


Stoner Bunting developed a multifaceted plan that included a variety of tactics, each with individual goals that coalesced in one unified campaign. Key tactics included:

  • Habito Product Launch Strategy, Positioning, Plan and Tactics
  • Advertising Strategy and Creative
  • Photography and Video production
  • Public relations and social media
  • Media Buying/Management and Creative Development
  • Wall to Wall Program Strategy, Brochure, Training Book and iBook
  • National Sales Meeting Creative Strategy and Video



The resulting campaign revolved around launching the product at IBS 2016 through a fun and cheeky campaign designed to drive experience and social interaction. A climbing wall fitted with Habito drywall and 99 bottles of beer was the star of the booth, visible across the show floor and outfitted with items from the Habito launch video including a moose head, a flat screen TV and other heavy objects that could only be trusted to Habito. A majority of photos from #IBS2016 were of the climbing wall and CertainTeed booth, and the brand had its best week on social media in history, with tens of thousands of impressions. CertainTeed and Habito were included in several “Best of IBS” articles, blog posts and reports, and the CertainTeed team reported 905 scanned leads with 455 for gypsum alone. Other results included:

  • 191 PR documents
  • 63 social media mentions
  • Total PR/SM reach of 252,307,167
  • Advertiser Value Equivalent (AVE) of $2,333,840.80
  • Total of 1,806,110 primary impressions
  • 3,172 landing page visits including pre, during, and post show
  • 2,988 contestant signups for