Tropic Survival developed CometAds, a proprietary online video advertising platform. Fairmont Chicago ran a CometAds campaign as the sole advertising medium to promote their “Perfect Package.” The campaign consisted of a combination of an online :15 video and companion display ads geo-targeted and strategically placed on contextually relevant sites to drive traffic to a unique landing page, the “Perfect Package” reservation page.


Fairmont Chicago committed to a three month campaign and reached their target bookings of 110 reservations, each valued at $1100 in gross billing ($121,000).



Fairmont Chicago’s $5,000 per month campaign cost for three months ($15,000), delivered an incredible ROI of $106,000, far surpassing expectations for Tropic Survival and the client.

This CometAds campaign delivered more than 2.6 million impressions, with 2,475 clicks and a click-through rate of 0.10%, the national average. More significantly, Fairmont Chicago is booking 90-100 packages per month.

The buzz generated by Tropic Survival’s proof of performance enabled us to also secure Fairmont Boston and Fairmont Vancouver as clients.