New ICEE Zero water enhancer needed promotional ideas to help launch this amazing new product.


We partnered with the biggest Water Parks in America to help introduce new ICEE Zero water enhancer with a “Water.Cooler.” water park promotion in the heat of the summer. Consumers were directed to register for a chance to win one of four grand prizes, a family trip to a nationally known water park, like Schlitterbahn and Wet ‘n Wild, including airfare and accommodations.

Advertised on social media, online and with Social Twist, and incorporated referral coupon tactic that generated 80K referrals and an impressive 410% amplification. Special banner ads would be triggered on when the heat index exceeded 80 degrees, delivering a coupon offer to try ICEE Zero and sweeps entry. Ad campaigns on Facebook targeted competitive brands like Mio and Kool-Aid, and fans of ICEE, and key retailers like WalMart and Kroger.


Over 67 million impressions were generated, including 27,000 clicks and .04% CTR. There were 165,375 sweepstakes entries throughout the entire promotion period resulting in 2,584 entries per day. Simplicity of the registration process and attractive prizes helped with the high registration conversion rate of 41%. The strong promotion support helped to increase distribution and launch a successful new product.